Because You Need to Know...

It's true. I own a Honda Element. I listen to a lot of books on tape in it. I lived in it on a month long road trip. I love that car. So that, and... I act. I like hearing music. I really love playing music and stuff. Improv is super fun, especially at Comedy Sportz LA [Woot Woot!]. I also think graduating from UCSD with a BS in Biochemistry & Cell Biology was pretty, oh I dunno, AWESOME [Go Triton Crew Team!]. I guess, living in Chino Hills was alright for a while [04! 04!]. Let's see, Yeah, I LOVE the outdoors. Trail running, mountaineering, climbing, cycling, swimming, obstacle coursing, scuba diving, but I kinda figured all of that was included in the Honda Element tidbit. Which I really do love by the way, I built this little storage system in it with my buddy Ryan uggh. It's cool. Oh I take pictures of things too, too often, most people say. Ok, I'm oversharing. Bye.