"Wait you're from here!?"


Michael Minto was born in Glendora, CA in a real life hospital with tile, medicine, electricity and everything. Well, his parents just thought that was swell, so they kept him in Southern California all through his tumultuous youth. They'd force him to do plays, and musicals, and all sorts of "fun" performance type things. By the time he got to high school, he'd been so brainwashed he'd begun getting himself involved in things like improv and sketch writing. He kept on doing all this sort of thing until graduation.

However, never one to do what he was told, Michael rebelled and fled his "home" in Chino Hills for the bright shiny pastures of ORANGE COUNTY where he pretended to go to college for a while. All the while he'd do college theater and sketch performances to keep his family off his back. After a time, he once again grew weary of his posh southern california lifestyle. So, like any insane vagabond would, he uprooted and threw his family for a loop by moving to SOUTHERN southern California, to San Diego, for real college this time. 

His family was furious when, instead of theatering like he was told, he pursued a degree in Biochemistry & Cell Biology at UC San Diego. Of course he kept up appearances, still doing improv heavily and writing when he could. Well, after completing that Biochem degree he told his parents he'd go to grad school, and he did just that. But the pull of his family's indoctrination had finally caught up with his beleaguered mind.

Sadly he surrendered, as all heroes eventually do, to the draw of Los Angeles. He started small, nursing some classes at the groundlings. Then came the sporadic indy improv shows . Then he became dependent on regular shows at IO West with "Drunkards and Dragons". Then he really fell into the deep end and got on the mainstage team at Comedy Sportz LA. after that came the binges of UCB classes, starting a "gang" he calls a sketch group (3Twins Comedy), and even indulging openly in improvised musical performances in a band he calls Guilt Feather. Once he started working with his "friends" in LA well it seemed he just lost sight of the wagon he fell off of. 

We kinda lost touch right about then. A buddy told me you can still catch him on Youtube or on stage sometimes... I  even heard someone said they saw him on TV. I can't bare to see it though. I tell people I don't remember him... truth is... I just miss my friend Michael.